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22 Powerful Ways to Create More Space in your Life

Powerful Ways to Create More Space in your Life. Creating space in your life can imply a multitude of things, including the greater room in your home, finances, and thoughts, to name a few. Creating a more simple life can improve your life in a variety of ways and put you in a better position. Because the universe is always expanding, space can be limitless and there is an infinite capacity for new things.

However, here on Earth, where we must operate under restrictions and boundaries, expansion is not always an option. Even in the non-physical sphere, expansion is not always possible. For example, how many different thoughts or ideas can you entertain at once before your mind exhausts itself?

What Does it Mean to Create Space in Your Life?

Making space in your life entails freeing up your time, energy, finances, intellect, and so much more. Making room in your life will only improve your quality of life and offer you more time to do the things you enjoy, make memories, and enjoy whatever you choose to do in your life. There are numerous methods for making extra space in your mental, physical, financial, and emotional life. Today, we’ll go through the top ten strategies to make extra space in all facets of your life.

Creating space is a strategy of making extra room in your time, energy, and physical space to live, create, and enjoy life. To make physical space, you may need to tidy, rearrange the structure of your house or office, or even discover new places to perform the things that are important to you. Creating mental space can mean getting rid of things or people who drain your energy, getting bothersome thoughts or ideas out of your head, or having a clear purpose and goals to provide focus to your life.

You only have so much physical and mental capacity. As you approach your limit, it will become increasingly difficult to produce new material. When you hit capacity, your ability to produce comes to a total standstill, and nothing new can appear.

The Importance of Creating More Space in Your Life

Making additional space in your life is beneficial in a variety of ways. There are many various parts of life that you can clear up in your life, but these are the most prevalent and why they are important:


Get rid of toxic individuals and relationships, or cut off chores that give you tension and discomfort, to create mental space. Making mental space allows you to think more clearly, live happily, and finally enjoy the things you want to enjoy. People that have cluttered mental states tend to be people-pleasers, thus we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to quit thinking about what other people think and focus solely on YOUR happiness.


When we say “clean up physical space,” we’re not simply talking about fitness and wellness. We’re talking about your house or living area. If your bedroom at home or your parent’s house is untidy, you will feel overwhelmed and have a difficult existence. By getting rid of unnecessary items and making space, you might feel more at ease and like you have room to grow.


The issue that most people worry about is their finances. Why not make your life easier by simplifying your finances? This could be cancelling a credit card you don’t use, paying off debt, or earning extra money to assist relieve the stress of payments. Making financial space will provide you with the freedom you seek.

Another telling indicator is when life becomes dense and heavy. Perhaps you’re feeling physically or mentally sluggish for no apparent reason, or it’s taking a lot more energy than normal to complete regular tasks. This is a sign of overburdening and overwhelm. Just as a computer slows down when its memory is full, you slow down when you have too many things depleting and dragging you down.

With introspection, you can identify the areas that need to be cleared out so that more room can be made available. Toxic relationships, outmoded philosophies, and the accumulation of unnecessary belongings are all instances of clutter that prevents you from manifesting your dreams.

Clearing clutter regularly, by reviewing what’s in your life and letting go of items that no longer serve you, should be an essential element of your growth strategy. Let’s speak about how to make space in your emotional, physical, and financial lives now that we’ve established the importance of doing so.

1. Clear out your living area

Decluttering is one of the most effective strategies to make more space in your life. Go through your home and get rid of whatever you don’t use daily. This will provide you with more physical room in areas where you spend a lot of your time, and it will feel great to get rid of things you don’t use.

2. Clear your mind of clutter

Did you realize it was possible to clear your mind? It is, and it is something that everyone should do! Filter out all of your negative ideas and replace them with happy ones – you’ll be shocked at how much of an influence this has on you.

3. Create a morning and evening routine.

Creating a morning and evening routine, believe it or not, can free up more time for yourself than you think. You’ll be able to make more space in your life in general if you adopt a short and effective routine.

4. Avoid procrastination.

We understand that this is one of the most difficult habits to break, but we promise that once you do, your life will be so much better. When you procrastinate on anything, you induce yourself to take extra time when the deadline arrives. Doing things right away can free up a lot of space in your life.

5. Refrain from saying no

It’s fine to cancel arrangements if you’re too busy or simply want to spend the night alone. When you learn to say no to people, events, or things, you’ll have so much more free time and space in your life to do and enjoy the things you desire.

6. Keep your expectations in check.

If you set a goal, make sure it is attainable. When there is a mismatch between what you want and what you are capable of achieving, it can lead to disappointment, worry, and anxiety. Set realistic goals and prioritize them to make more room in your life.

7. Engage in a social media detox.

We’re all guilty of spending an inordinate amount of time on social media. Go on a social media detox if you genuinely want to free up some time and space in your life. You’d be surprised how much more you can accomplish in a day if you lay down your phone and focus on what you want and need to focus on.

make additional room for journaling 8.

Journaling is a terrific way to spend some alone time and express all of your ideas and desires. Take 5-10 minutes every morning and night to get all of your thoughts out and relieve yourself of the burden of holding them in. Journaling assists you to clear space in your head, allowing you to think more positively and be more productive.

9. Make use of a planner

We’re all so busy these days that it’s easy to lose track of what has to be done when it needs to be done, and where it needs to be done. You’ll have more mental space if you schedule your day with a planner.

10. Meditate

Meditating is one of the most effective strategies to clear your thoughts and improve your mental health. Allow yourself 10-20 minutes each morning to achieve a total state of tranquillity, let go of all negativity, and make more room in your head for positive thinking.

11. Take a nap

According to some studies, our brains may be built to switch between sleep and wake more than once a day, and evidence of culture supporting an afternoon nap may be found dating back thousands of years. And if you believe you need to find this space in 30-60 minutes, you may be overthinking it.

Even a 10-minute snooze sitting upright in a chair improves performance instantly and does not result in the grogginess associated with a lengthier nap.

12. Get up 15 minutes earlier

Many of our days get off to a frantic start. We wake up with just enough time to get ready, eat breakfast quickly, and board the next bus on time. Or we get up and are thrust into the throes of life, attempting to get our children, spouses, and ourselves ready for the day. Meanwhile, the real work of the day has yet to begin. Get some breathing room by getting up on your terms, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. There will be peace and calm there. And you’ll be glad you did for the next 23 hours.

13. Get outside, even if it’s just for a brief walk

Recognize the value of being outside in the evenings and on weekends. However, short bursts of time spent outside during lunch or afternoon breaks might provide mental respite. Fresh air has a significant impact on our senses. And the change of atmosphere gives our minds a better chance to switch out of work mode for a few minutes.

14. Turn off the power

Much of our free time is being squandered and exchanged for the acquisition of even more information. The average person currently spends 34 hours each week watching television. I am a huge fan of selecting to watch less for a variety of reasons. However, the exact reason many of us watch television (to relax, rest, and unwind) may be the most compelling reason to simply turn it off. We may be able to discover the actual downtime our minds have been asking all along… or at least an early bedtime… by switching the off switch only one show earlier than usual.

15. Save your commute

Many of us endure commutes that are physically and mentally taxing. According to the New York Times, in addition to increased costs and wasted time, commuters suffer from significant increases in blood pressure, body weight, waist circumference, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and heart disease. Long commutes were also linked to higher levels of weariness, stress, sleep deprivation, and days missed from work.

It is preferable to avoid the commute if possible. However, if it is unable to do so, salvage the commute by utilizing it to create more room. Turn off the news (especially the one that only gets you upset), your cell phone, and your aggressive demeanour. Sit in stillness for a while. Take advantage of the peace as much as you can. And use the mental space to sit quietly with yourself.

16. Take a longer lunch break.

Establish a longer, more thoughtful lunch ritual if possible. While some do not, many of your employers do allow for extended lunch breaks but we frequently exchange them for the sake of feeling important or getting more done. Consider having a long lunch. And don’t feel bad about it, either personally or professionally. Because of the downtime, your afternoon work will be more efficient. I used to bring a brown-bag lunch to work every day. Rather than racing to the fast-food business down the road for lunch, I discovered that having something pre-packaged gave me more time for downtime during my regular lunch. In addition, I learned it from my father.

17. Sip a cup of tea in the afternoon

There is a reason why some of our world’s most advanced societies make time for afternoon tea. Afternoon tea soothes our minds, refreshes our spirits, and nurtures our soul, in addition to providing certain health benefits. It’s no surprise that it’s one of our most enduring memories of experiencing diverse cultures. It would be wise to incorporate parts of its routine into our daily routine.

18. Make time for meditation

Meditation is good for the soul. When utilized correctly, it focuses our ideas, aspirations, and passions on the things that are most important to our well-being. Furthermore, several studies have found distinct good physical changes in the brains of persons who employ the technique regularly.

While even brief periods of meditation can be beneficial, the more we commit to the practice, the better the results will be. Whether you discover this practice while practising yoga, alone in isolation, or meditating on spiritual books, it remains a highly effective technique for generating space in our life daily.

19. Extend your shower time

If you’re one of those people who thinks your finest ideas come to you in the shower, you could be right, and science may finally be proving it to you. Even if you don’t think best in the shower, having a longer one may be just the trick for slowing down and enjoying a bit more distraction-free living. The technique may not benefit your water bill, but it may benefit your mind.

20. Experiment with the Pomodoro technique

Francesco Cirillo invented the Pomodoro Technique in the late 1980s, based on the concept that our minds operate best in 25-minute spurts. The method is as follows: Set a timer for 25 minutes; continue on the activity until the timer goes off; take a short 3-5 minute break, and take a longer (15–30 minute) break after four intervals. I’ve found the strategy to be more beneficial on certain projects/days than others. However, if your passion to achieve prevents you from slowing down, this time management strategy may be beneficial in both creating space and completing more.

21. Get rid of mindless Internet

According to a study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research, for every 10 minutes spent online, people spend: 2.9 minutes less on all other types of leisure, 2.7 minutes less working (or a more dramatic 3.75 minutes for people in their 30s), and 1.2 minutes less on personal care, including sleep. Turning off mindless Internet may be a significant method to produce large extra space when multiplied by the fact that the average individual who uses the Internet for enjoyment spends approximately 100 minutes each day on it.

22. Disable alerts

Our smartphones have established workstations even while we are not at work. Even when we are not “clocked in” at work, our steady stream of notifications alerts us to incoming emails, looming deadlines, and prospects for progress. The distinction between labour and rest is becoming increasingly hazy.

Our Closing Thoughts

Making space in your emotional, physical, and financial lives can improve your quality of life and allow you to live the stress-free, joyful life you deserve. Clear out your physical area by decluttering as much as possible and getting rid of unnecessary items. Clear your mind by meditating, journaling, or jotting down everything in a calendar. Cut back on credit cards or pay off debts to be more frugal with your money. Making more space in your life is the key to living a happy existence, and the more space you have, the more possibilities you’ll see.