Prayer For Leaders To Come To Know Jesus

Inspiring Prayer for Leaders to Know Jesus

Welcome to our inspirational series on the power of prayer and its profound impact on global leadership. In this section, we delve into the importance of praying for leaders to come to know Jesus, seeking spiritual guidance, and interceding for their salvation.

Leadership in all spheres of society carries immense responsibility, and seeking spiritual guidance is vital for making wise decisions and leading with integrity. As believers, we have the privilege and duty to lift our leaders in prayer, inviting them to experience the transformative power of Jesus in their lives.

Praying for leaders’ salvation is not merely a religious exercise, but a call to intercede on their behalf, asking God to open their hearts and minds to the truth of the Gospel. When leaders encounter Jesus, their worldview is transformed, and they are equipped to lead with compassion, justice, and wisdom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Praying for leaders to know Jesus is essential for their spiritual awakening and guidance in global leadership.
  • Intercession plays a vital role in seeking leaders’ salvation and inviting them to embrace the transformative power of Jesus.
  • Seeking spiritual guidance as leaders helps cultivate values such as compassion, integrity, and servant leadership.
  • Through prayer, we can actively encourage and engage others to join us in interceding for leaders.
  • Leaders who have found Jesus through prayer have experienced a profound transformation in their personal and professional lives.

Understanding the Power of Prayer

Prayer is a transformative force that holds the power to impact the lives of leaders in profound ways. Whether it be through faith-based leadership prayers, conversion prayers for leaders, or prayers for political and world leaders, the act of prayer has the potential to bring about spiritual awakening, guidance, and positive change.

When leaders commit to a life of prayer, they open themselves up to a divine connection that goes beyond their own abilities and understanding. Through prayer, leaders can tap into a source of wisdom and guidance that surpasses human limitations, enabling them to make decisions rooted in integrity, compassion, and divine wisdom.

In the realm of faith-based leadership, prayers form the foundation of leadership effectiveness and spiritual growth. These prayers are offered with the goal of aligning leaders’ hearts and minds with the will of God, seeking His guidance and strength in their decision-making processes.

Conversion prayers for leaders play a vital role in transforming the lives of those in positions of power. In these prayers, individuals intercede on behalf of leaders, asking for their hearts to be open to knowing Jesus and experiencing His life-transforming love. Such prayers hold the potential to touch the hearts of leaders and lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Additionally, prayers for political leaders and prayers for world leaders carry immense significance in shaping the course of nations and fostering global harmony. These prayers are offered with the intention of guiding leaders in their pursuit of justice, wisdom, and ethical governance.

As we recognize the power of prayer, we are reminded of the profound impact it can have on leaders’ lives and the world at large. Prayer has the potential to bring about spiritual transformation, guiding leaders towards a deeper understanding of their purpose and their relationship with God.

The Transformative Influence of Faith-Based Leadership Prayers

Faith-based leadership prayers hold the ability to initiate profound change in the lives of leaders, both personally and professionally. These prayers create a connection with the divine, allowing leaders to draw strength and guidance from a higher power in the pursuit of their leadership responsibilities.

By seeking God’s wisdom and provision through prayer, leaders can cultivate values such as humility, integrity, and servant leadership. They are able to tap into a source of courage and resilience that enables them to navigate challenges with grace and compassion.

When leaders are connected to a higher power through faith-based leadership prayers, they are more inclined to make decisions that align with moral and ethical principles. Their actions are rooted in a vision that extends beyond personal gain and serves the greater good of those they lead.

In the next section, we will explore the need for spiritual guidance in leadership and the role that prayer plays in fostering a deeper connection with God.

The Need for Spiritual Guidance in Leadership

In the demanding world of leadership, the need for spiritual guidance cannot be overstated. As leaders navigate complex decisions and face challenging situations, they often find themselves in need of wisdom, discernment, and moral clarity. Seeking spiritual guidance provides a solid foundation for leaders to make sound choices and lead with integrity.

Through prayer, leaders can connect with a higher power and gain insight beyond their own capabilities. Christian prayer, in particular, offers leaders an opportunity to align their hearts with God’s will and seek divine intervention. The act of praying for leaders’ salvation not only benefits the individuals in leadership roles but also has a ripple effect on their teams, organizations, and even the wider community.

When leaders seek spiritual guidance, they acknowledge their limitations and embrace a posture of humility. They recognize that they are not alone in their decision-making but have access to the wisdom and guidance of a higher authority. This recognition brings about a sense of peace, confidence, and clarity that can transform their leadership style.

The Power of Spiritual Guidance in Personal and Professional Lives

Spiritual guidance provides leaders with a moral compass, shaping their character and influencing their actions. It helps leaders prioritize values such as honesty, compassion, and justice in their personal and professional lives. By seeking spiritual guidance, leaders can cultivate a strong sense of purpose and meaning that goes beyond mere success and ambition.

This spiritual grounding also allows leaders to effectively navigate challenges and setbacks. In times of crisis or uncertainty, leaders who have established a deep relationship with God through prayer can draw strength, hope, and resilience. They are able to make tough decisions with grace, knowing that they are guided by a higher power and acting in service of a greater purpose.

spiritual guidance for leaders

Furthermore, spiritual guidance enhances leaders’ emotional intelligence and their ability to empathize with others. By praying for leaders’ salvation and seeking spiritual guidance, leaders learn to value the unique worth and dignity of every individual. This empathy fosters inclusive and compassionate leadership that celebrates diversity and creates a harmonious work environment.

Ultimately, the need for spiritual guidance in leadership extends beyond personal growth. It has the potential to transform organizations and societies, nurturing leaders who prioritize the common good and work towards sustainable solutions. By recognizing the significance of Christian prayer for leaders and actively seeking spiritual guidance, individuals can contribute to the development of virtuous, ethical, and transformative leadership.

Intercessory Prayer for Leaders’ Salvation

When it comes to the spiritual well-being of our leaders, intercessory prayer is a powerful tool that can bring about transformative change. Recognizing the significance of praying for leaders’ salvation, we can actively participate in shaping their lives and guiding them towards a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Intercessory prayer is a form of selfless prayer where we stand in the gap and intercede on behalf of others. In the context of leaders, it involves praying specifically for their salvation and spiritual awakening. This intentional act of seeking God’s intervention in their lives can have a profound impact on their journey towards knowing Jesus.

Through intercessory prayer, we express our heartfelt desire to see leaders come to know Jesus and experience the transformative power of His love. We lift them up before God, asking for His divine intervention and guidance. As we intercede on their behalf, we become conduits of God’s grace, bridging the gap between heaven and earth.

Christian prayer for leaders is not limited to their professional accomplishments or personal challenges. It extends to their eternal salvation, recognizing that a leader who knows Jesus can lead with wisdom, integrity, and compassion. By praying for leaders’ salvation, we align ourselves with God’s will for their lives, believing that He desires all people to come to know Him.

We must never underestimate the impact of intercessory prayer for leaders’ salvation. It has the potential to spark a revival in their hearts, leading to a changed life and a newfound commitment to following Jesus. As we lift our voices in prayer, we can trust that God hears us and is actively at work in their lives, drawing them closer to Himself.

Let us remember that Christian prayer for leaders is not about forcing our beliefs upon them, but rather, fervently seeking God’s guidance and transformation in their lives. It’s an invitation for leaders to experience the abundant life that comes from knowing Jesus personally. Through our intercession, we surrender the outcome to God, trusting that He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.

As we continue to engage in intercessory prayer for leaders’ salvation, let us do so with faith and perseverance. Let us pray not only for the influential leaders of our time but also for those in positions of authority who may not yet know Jesus. By doing so, we contribute to building a better world, one leader at a time.

Let us lift our voices together in intercessory prayer for leaders’ salvation, knowing that through prayer, God can bring about miraculous transformation.

Praying for Political Leaders

Prayer has the power to transform not only individuals but also entire nations. When it comes to political leaders, the impact of prayer is immeasurable. As faith-based individuals, we have the privilege and responsibility to intercede for those in positions of power and authority, lifting up prayers for their guidance, decision-making, and leadership abilities.

When we pray for political leaders, we acknowledge that their actions and decisions have far-reaching consequences that affect countless lives. Our prayers serve as a spiritual refuge, providing a shield of divine wisdom, discernment, and integrity around them. Through our faith-filled intercession, we can contribute to the positive transformation of their hearts and minds, aligning their actions with God’s will.

Praying for political leaders goes beyond personal or partisan preferences. It transcends political affiliations and focuses on the greater good of society. Regardless of our own political views, embracing a posture of prayer allows us to seek God’s guidance in the lives of those entrusted with leading our communities, nations, and the world.

prayers for political leaders

By placing our trust in God and offering prayers for political leaders, we surrender our own agendas and open the door for divine intervention. We invite God’s presence and influence into realms that are often marked by division, strife, and power struggles. Our faith-based leadership prayers pave the way for unity, justice, compassion, and the overall well-being of all people.

As we lift up prayers for political leaders, we also recognize the weight and complexity of their responsibilities. We pray for their safety, wisdom, resilience, and courage to make difficult decisions with integrity and empathy. Through our prayers, we stand alongside them, supporting them in the face of challenges, and believing in the transformational power of God.

Inspired by leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela, who relied on their faith in times of turmoil, we understand the significance of faith-based leadership. By praying for political leaders, we contribute to a culture of servant leadership, humility, and accountability. We become catalysts for positive change, empowered by the spiritual guidance and intercession we offer.

Praying for World Leaders

In our deeply interconnected world, the decisions made by world leaders have far-reaching consequences. As global citizens, it is essential that we humbly pray for world leaders and lift them up in faith. Through our prayers, we can contribute to the pursuit of global peace, justice, and wise governance.

The Power of Faith-Based Leadership Prayers

When we offer faith-based leadership prayers for world leaders, we tap into a divine source of wisdom and guidance. These prayers recognize the crucial role that faith plays in shaping leaders and influencing their decisions. By interceding on their behalf, we ask God to provide them with discernment, compassion, and the courage to act in the best interest of their nations and the global community.

Prayers for Global Peace and Justice

Praying for world leaders also involves seeking global peace and justice. We can petition the Creator to touch the hearts of leaders, inspiring them to work towards diplomacy, cooperation, and compassionate governance. Our prayers can foster an environment where conflicts are resolved peacefully, social inequalities are addressed, and justice is upheld for all.

Wisdom for Wise Governance

Leaders face complex challenges that require wisdom and discernment. By offering prayers specifically for their guidance in making wise decisions, we acknowledge the weight of their responsibilities and the impact of their choices on the lives of millions. Through our intercession, we ask for divine wisdom to navigate through intricate political, economic, and social issues.

Praying for world leaders is an act of faith, hope, and love. It is a reminder that we are not alone in shaping the world we live in but are part of a greater spiritual connection. Let us join together in lifting up our global leaders in prayer, trusting that God’s wisdom and grace will guide them in their pursuit of a better world for all.

Encouraging Others to Pray for Leaders

As we recognize the importance of praying for leaders and the impact it can have on their lives, it is essential that we encourage and engage others to join in collective intercession. By coming together in spiritual unity, we can uplift and support our leaders with the power of prayer.

One of the best ways to encourage others to pray for leaders is by sharing personal testimonies of how prayer has transformed the lives of leaders. Through inspirational stories, we can demonstrate the immense impact that spiritual guidance for leaders and praying for their salvation can have.

Another effective strategy is organizing prayer gatherings or events where people can come together to intercede specifically for leaders. These gatherings can include worship, teachings on the significance of prayer, and dedicated time for praying for leaders at various levels – local, national, and global.

Remember, spiritual guidance for leaders is not limited to those in prominent positions; it extends to leaders within our communities, workplaces, and churches. Every leader can benefit from the power of Christian prayer.

Spreading the Message

Utilize various mediums to spread the message of praying for leaders. Use social media platforms, blogs, and websites to share prayer requests, scripture passages, and testimonies. Engage with others through comments and discussions, creating a community dedicated to interceding for leaders.


Encouraging Others to Pray for Leaders

Collaborate with Churches and Organizations

Partner with churches and Christian organizations to host prayer initiatives focused on leaders. Joint efforts have a more significant impact and can reach a broader audience. Consider organizing prayer walks, prayer vigils, or even prayer campaigns that span across different regions or even countries.

Additionally, create resources such as prayer guides or devotionals that individuals can use as they pray for leaders. These resources can serve as practical tools to guide their prayers and provide inspiration for their intercession.

Lead by Example

One of the most effective ways to encourage others to pray for leaders is by leading by example. Make prayer a regular part of your daily routine and openly share the impact it has had on your life. By demonstrating the importance and power of Christian prayer, you inspire others to follow suit and join in interceding for leaders around the world.

Remember, our prayers can have a tremendous impact on leaders’ lives, shaping their decisions and guiding them towards spiritual growth. Let us collectively join in prayer for leaders, uplifting them in spiritual guidance and praying for their salvation.

The Role of Faith in Leadership

When it comes to leadership, faith plays a vital role in guiding individuals to make decisions rooted in compassion, integrity, and servant leadership. Leaders who know Jesus and engage in Christian prayer for leaders have a unique advantage in exemplifying these values and leading with purpose.

By nurturing a strong faith foundation, leaders can draw strength, wisdom, and guidance from a power beyond themselves. This faith-based approach to leadership enables them to see beyond immediate challenges, envision a better future, and inspire those they lead with hope and resilience.

Leaders who embrace faith understand that true leadership involves more than just achieving tangible goals. It involves caring for the well-being of others, serving selflessly, and promoting justice and equality. Through Christian prayer for leaders, individuals can deepen their connection with God and find clarity in their purpose as leaders.

One of the key aspects of faith-based leadership is the ability to empathize with others. Prayer allows leaders to cultivate a heart of compassion, enabling them to understand the needs and concerns of those they serve. By acknowledging their limitations and seeking guidance through prayer, leaders can approach their roles with humility, empathy, and a genuine desire to make a positive difference.

“True leadership is not about being in control but about serving others with love, humility, and grace.”

Incorporating faith into leadership also provides leaders with a solid moral compass. Faith-based leadership prayers enable leaders to align their actions with their values and make decisions guided by principles such as honesty, fairness, and integrity. This commitment to ethical leadership fosters trust and fosters a positive work environment where individuals can thrive.

Moreover, faith in leadership brings a sense of peace and assurance, even in challenging circumstances. Leaders can face adversity with courage, knowing that they are not alone and that their faith sustains them. Through Christian prayer for leaders, individuals can find solace, clarity, and strength, empowering them to lead with confidence and resilience.

It is important to recognize that faith-based leadership is not limited to a specific religion or belief system. It is about connecting with a higher power and integrating spiritual values into leadership practices. Whether through Christian prayer, meditation, or reflection, leaders can nurture their faith and develop a leadership style that inspires and transforms.

As we continue to examine the impact of faith in leadership, let us explore how leaders can cultivate their faith through prayer and embrace the transformative power it holds.

Cultivating Faith Through Prayer

In the journey of leadership, cultivating faith is crucial for leaders to navigate the challenges and make impactful decisions. Prayer serves as a powerful tool to deepen one’s faith and establish a personal connection with Jesus. By engaging in faith-based leadership prayers, leaders can experience spiritual growth and transformation.

Prayer For Leaders To Come To Know Jesus is not just a request for salvation but an ongoing conversation that strengthens the relationship between leaders and their faith. It is an intentional act of surrender and seeking guidance from the divine source.

There are various ways leaders can incorporate prayer into their daily lives to cultivate their faith:

  1. Dedicated Prayer Time: Set aside specific moments each day to pray and connect with God. Find a quiet and peaceful space where you can reflect, meditate, and seek guidance. This intentional time of prayer can help leaders align their thoughts and actions with their faith principles.
  2. Scriptural Reflection: Engage in reading and reflecting upon scriptures that speak to leadership, guidance, and faith. Scriptures provide wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement for leaders on their spiritual journey. Find relevant passages and meditate on their meaning and application in your leadership role.
  3. Intercessory Prayer: Extend your prayers beyond yourself and lift up fellow leaders, colleagues, and your community. Praying for the conversion of leaders is an act of love and compassion. It aligns your heart with God’s desire to see all leaders come to know Jesus.
  4. Prayer Partnerships: Seek out other like-minded leaders who share your faith and establish prayer partnerships. Coming together in prayer creates a supportive community where leaders can encourage and uplift one another. It provides an opportunity to share testimonies, seek wisdom, and intercede together for leaders around the world.

Prayer for leaders is not limited to individual efforts but can also be incorporated into organizational practices. Leaders can encourage their team members to participate in regular prayer sessions, where faith-based leadership prayers are offered for guidance, unity, and wisdom. By infusing prayer into the fabric of their organization, leaders can create a culture that fosters spiritual growth and aligns with their faith values.

Cultivating faith through prayer is an ongoing process that requires dedication and intentionality. By weaving prayer into the fabric of their leadership journey, leaders can deepen their relationship with Jesus, gain wisdom and guidance, and lead with integrity and compassion.

Stories of Leaders Who Found Jesus Through Prayer

In this section, we will share inspiring stories of leaders who discovered Jesus through the power of prayer. These personal accounts serve as a testament to the transformative impact that prayer can have on leaders’ lives and their leadership style.

Story 1: A Powerful Encounter

John, a prominent political leader, was known for his ambition and determination. However, deep down, he felt a void and was searching for something greater. One day, during a challenging time in his career, John turned to prayer. In a moment of vulnerability, he cried out to Jesus, asking for guidance and purpose.

Through consistent prayer and seeking God’s presence, John experienced a profound encounter with Jesus. His life underwent a radical transformation as he surrendered his ambitions and embraced a new calling rooted in faith and compassion. John’s leadership style shifted, now guided by humility, integrity, and a genuine desire to serve others.

Story 2: From Skepticism to Faith

Sarah, a successful business executive, had always been skeptical of religious beliefs. However, during a personal crisis that left her feeling broken and helpless, Sarah decided to give prayer a chance. With skepticism still lingering, she prayed for a sign, longing for guidance and hope.

Remarkably, Sarah’s prayer was answered in a series of unexpected encounters, where she felt a divine presence comforting her and giving her peace. Through these encounters, Sarah’s skepticism melted away, and she found Jesus in the midst of her pain and vulnerability. Her newfound faith ignited a passion for ethical leadership, and she became an advocate for compassion, fairness, and justice within her industry.

Discovering True Purpose

Story 3: A Leader Transformed

David, a renowned world leader, had achieved great success in his career but still felt unfulfilled. Seeking a deeper purpose, David began seeking solace and guidance through prayer. As he opened his heart to God, David experienced a profound conviction that he was called to make a difference in the lives of the people he served.

Through prayer, David found the strength and wisdom to lead with empathy, compassion, and fairness. His leadership style transformed, focusing on creating a better future for his nation rather than personal gain. David’s actions inspired those around him and brought about positive change that impacted the lives of countless individuals.

These stories of leaders finding Jesus through prayer remind us of the profound impact that spiritual awakening can have on leadership. They serve as a powerful reminder of the potential for transformation when leaders open their hearts to Jesus and invite His guidance into their lives.

Resources for Prayer and Intercession

In our journey to pray for leaders to come to know Jesus, it is essential to have the right resources to guide us. Here are some valuable books, websites, and prayer guides that can assist you in intercessory prayer for leaders:

1. “Praying for Leaders” by John Maxwell

This enlightening book provides insights and practical guidance on praying for leaders and the power of intercession in transforming their lives and decision-making. It offers valuable strategies and biblical principles to help you navigate through your prayer journey.


Visit to access an extensive collection of resources dedicated to praying for leaders. This website offers powerful prayer guides, testimonies, and articles on interceding specifically for leaders to encounter Jesus and experience spiritual transformation.

3. Prayer Guide for Intercession

Discover a comprehensive prayer guide specifically designed for interceding for leaders. This resource provides you with specific prayers, scriptures, and prompts to help you lift leaders up in prayer and invite them to know Jesus personally.

4. Encouraging Prayerful Communities

Join prayerful communities and groups that are dedicated to interceding for leaders. Seek out like-minded individuals who are passionate about praying for leaders to know Jesus. Together, you can encourage and support one another in this crucial mission.

5. Pray for Leaders App

Download the Pray for Leaders app, available on both Android and iOS platforms. This app provides daily prayer prompts and reminders to help you stay consistent in praying for leaders. Access prayer resources, inspiring testimonies, and connect with a global community of intercessors.

By utilizing these resources, you can deepen your intercession for leaders, making a powerful impact on their spiritual journey. Let us unite in prayer, trusting that God will work through our intercession to draw leaders closer to Himself.


Throughout this article, we have explored the power and significance of prayer for leaders to come to know Jesus. We have seen how intercessory prayer can lead to spiritual awakening and guidance for leaders on a global scale. By praying for leaders’ salvation and seeking spiritual guidance, we can contribute to their personal and professional growth.

Prayer plays a crucial role in the lives of political and world leaders. It has the ability to transform their decision-making, integrity, and leadership abilities. Through our faith-based prayers, we can make a positive impact on their lives and contribute to peace, justice, and wise governance on a global level.

It is important to encourage others to actively engage in prayer for leaders. By collectively interceding on their behalf, we can amplify the power of our prayers and create a unified force for change. As leaders cultivate their faith through prayer, they can exemplify values such as compassion, integrity, and servant leadership.

In conclusion, prayer for leaders to come to know Jesus is an ongoing endeavor. It requires our commitment, faith, and dedication to intercession. By sharing stories of leaders who have found Jesus through prayer and utilizing the available resources, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of leaders worldwide.


Why is praying for leaders to come to know Jesus important?

Praying for leaders to come to know Jesus is important because it can bring about spiritual awakening and guidance for global leadership. When leaders have a personal relationship with Jesus, they are more likely to make decisions based on Godly principles and exhibit qualities such as integrity and compassion.

How does prayer have the power to impact leaders?

Prayer has the power to impact leaders by bringing about a faith transformation in their lives. Through prayer, leaders can seek spiritual guidance, find clarity in their decision-making, and develop a deeper connection with God. It also enables leaders to tap into the wisdom and discernment that comes from a relationship with Jesus.

Why do leaders need spiritual guidance?

Leaders need spiritual guidance because it helps them navigate the challenges and complexities of their roles. Seeking spiritual guidance allows leaders to align their decisions and actions with God’s will, leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful leadership journey. Additionally, spiritual guidance can provide leaders with the strength and resilience needed to overcome obstacles and make wise choices.

What is intercessory prayer for leaders’ salvation?

Intercessory prayer for leaders’ salvation is a type of prayer where believers intercede on behalf of leaders, specifically asking God to bring them to know Jesus. It involves fervently praying for leaders to have an encounter with God’s love and to accept Jesus as their Savior. Intercessory prayer for leaders’ salvation is a powerful way to impact their lives and positively influence their leadership.

Why is praying for political leaders important?

Praying for political leaders is important because it can significantly impact their decision-making, integrity, and leadership abilities. Through prayer, individuals can petition God to guide political leaders in making just and righteous choices, to act with wisdom and integrity, and to be led by God’s principles rather than personal agendas. Prayer has the potential to shape the actions and outcomes of political leaders.

Why should we pray for world leaders?

Praying for world leaders is essential because it contributes to global peace, justice, and wise governance. When individuals intercede on behalf of world leaders, they are invoking God’s guidance and intervention in international affairs. Prayer has the power to shape world leaders’ decisions, promote unity among nations, and foster an environment of compassion and cooperation.

How can we encourage others to pray for leaders?

We can actively encourage others to pray for leaders by sharing the importance of intercession, hosting prayer gatherings, and leading by example. It is important to educate others about the impact of prayer on leaders’ lives and emphasize the significance of collective intercession. By fostering a culture of prayer for leaders, we can inspire and mobilize others to join in praying for their spiritual awakening and guidance.

What role does faith play in leadership?

Faith plays a crucial role in leadership as it provides a foundation of values, morals, and principles that guide leaders’ decision-making and actions. When leaders have a strong faith in Jesus, they are more likely to exhibit qualities such as compassion, humility, and servant leadership. Faith also enables leaders to trust in God’s plan, seek His wisdom, and find strength in challenging times.

How can leaders cultivate their faith through prayer?

Leaders can cultivate their faith through prayer by consistently spending time in prayer and meditation, studying the Bible, seeking guidance from spiritual mentors, and participating in faith-based activities such as worship and fellowship. Prayer allows leaders to deepen their relationship with Jesus, gain spiritual insight, and develop a greater understanding of God’s purpose for their leadership journey.

Are there real-life stories of leaders who found Jesus through prayer?

Yes, there are numerous real-life stories of leaders who found Jesus through prayer. These stories highlight the transformative impact that prayer can have on leaders’ lives and their leadership. By seeking Jesus through prayer, leaders have experienced personal and spiritual growth, leading to positive changes in their character, decision-making, and the way they lead and influence others.

Where can I find resources for prayer and intercession?

There are various resources available for prayer and intercession, including books, websites, and prayer guides. Some popular resources include “The Power of a Praying” series by Stormie Omartian, prayer websites such as and, and prayer guidebooks specific to intercession for leaders. These resources provide guidance, inspiration, and practical tips for praying for leaders to come to know Jesus.