Prayer To Prepare For The Ministry Of Intercession

Empowering Prayer for Intercession Ministry Prep

In preparing for the ministry of intercession, prayer plays a vital role. It is through prayer that we align ourselves with God’s purpose and seek His guidance in serving others. By devoting time to prayer and nurturing our spiritual connection, we can fully embrace our calling as intercessors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prayer is a powerful tool in preparing for the ministry of intercession.
  • Through prayer, we can align ourselves with God’s purpose.
  • Nurturing our spiritual connection through prayer enables us to embrace our calling as intercessors.
  • Devoting time to prayer allows us to seek discernment and wisdom in our intercessory ministry.
  • Prayer equips us with the strength and compassion needed to intercede for others.

Understanding the Ministry of Intercession

Before we embark on the powerful prayer for intercession ministry preparation, it is important to fully grasp the significance of the ministry of intercession itself. Intercession is not merely a role; it is a divine calling to stand in the gap on behalf of others.

Intercessory ministry involves lifting up prayers to God, advocating for His intervention, and seeking His will to be done in the lives of those in need. It is a ministry of sacrificial love, empathy, and spiritual warfare. Through intercession, we align ourselves with God’s heart and offer ourselves as vessels for His work.

Understanding the purpose and importance of intercessory ministry is crucial to effectively prepare for this sacred calling. As intercessors, our prayers carry weight in the spiritual realm, shaping destinies, and ushering in God’s kingdom on earth. We have the privilege and responsibility to intercede for individuals, communities, nations, and the world.

Intercession is not confined to a specific location or time; it is a lifestyle that connects us intimately with God and His purposes. Through our prayers, we become conduits of God’s love, grace, healing, and transformation.

The Power of Intercession

Intercession has the power to bring healing to the broken, hope to the hopeless, and breakthrough to the bound. It allows us to partner with God in His redemptive work and participate in the advancement of His kingdom. Through intercession, we can see lives transformed, miracles unfold, and God’s perfect will manifested.

As we delve deeper into intercessory ministry preparation, let us embrace the understanding that intercession is not just a task; it is an intimate relationship with the Almighty. It is a ministry birthed out of love, compassion, and a fervent desire to see God’s purposes fulfilled on earth.

In the next section, we will explore how to embrace your calling and prepare yourself for the ministry of intercession. Together, with our hearts aligned with God’s, we will journey deeper into the realm of intercession.

Embracing Your Calling

Every individual is called to serve in different ways. It is a divine invitation to step into a purposeful journey that aligns with God’s plan. For those called to the ministry of intercession, embracing your calling is an essential step in preparing yourself for this sacred task.

In order to fully surrender to God’s plan, it is important to recognize and accept the calling upon your life. This involves seeking clarity and discernment through prayer, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and confirm your purpose. Take time to reflect on the desires and burdens that stir your heart, as they may be indicators of your calling to intercede on behalf of others.

Preparing for the specific ministry of intercession requires a deepening of your relationship with God. This involves seeking intimacy through prayer, immersing yourself in His Word, and cultivating a heart of humility and surrender. By surrendering your own agenda and desires, you make room for God to work through you, equipping you with the spiritual strength and wisdom needed for intercession.

As you embrace your calling, it is important to remember that intercession is not about personal recognition or accomplishment. Rather, it is a humble act of service, offering prayers and supplications on behalf of others. To prepare for this ministry, focus on developing a heart of compassion and empathy, seeking to understand the needs and struggles of those you will intercede for.

Through prayer and intentional preparation, you can step into the ministry of intercession with confidence and fervor. As you surrender to God’s plan and embrace your calling, He will equip you with the necessary gifts and abilities to effectively intercede for others.

Remember, preparing for the ministry of intercession is a lifelong journey. Continually seek God’s guidance, deepen your prayer life, and nurture your relationship with Him. Allow His spirit to mold and shape you as you embrace your calling, knowing that through your prayers, lives will be touched, hearts will be changed, and God’s kingdom will be advanced.

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Developing a Strong Prayer Life

A strong prayer life is crucial for anyone called to the ministry of intercession. It is through prayer that we connect with God, seek His guidance, and effectively intercede for others. In this section, we will explore the significance of cultivating a vibrant and consistent prayer life, equipping you for the ministry of intercession.

Prayer is not just a religious ritual or a mere duty; it is a powerful tool that enables us to commune with the divine. It is through prayer that we draw closer to God, align our hearts with His, and receive the spiritual strength necessary to intercede on behalf of others.

To develop a strong prayer life, it is essential to prioritize regular and intentional communion with God. Set aside dedicated time each day to seek His presence, pour out your heart, and listen for His still, small voice. Treat prayer as a sacred conversation between you and your Heavenly Father.

One practical way to cultivate a vibrant prayer life is to create a sacred space where you can retreat and be alone with God. This may be a corner in your home, a quiet park, or any place where you can find solace and focus. Consider adorning your prayer space with meaningful symbols, scriptures, or images that inspire you.

When it comes to prayer, consistency is key. Carve out a specific time each day to dedicate yourself to prayer, even if it’s just a few minutes in the morning or before bedtime. By making prayer a regular practice, you will develop discipline and cultivate a deeper connection with God.

Additionally, prayer is not limited to formal or structured settings. Embrace the beauty of spontaneous prayers throughout your day, offering up intercessions for those you encounter. Develop a prayerful mindset, seeking opportunities to intercede for others in both joyful and challenging times.

Now, let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on the importance of developing a strong prayer life. Picture yourself in your sacred prayer space, surrounded by the presence of God, as we experience a visual representation of the ministry of intercession:

Allow this image to serve as a reminder of the power and beauty of intercessory prayer. As we continue exploring the elements of intercession ministry preparation, keep in mind the crucial role that your prayer life plays in this divine calling.

Seeking Discernment and Wisdom

As intercessors, we are called to pray for the needs of others with discernment and wisdom. Prayer becomes more powerful when we seek clarity and purpose from God. Through prayer, we can align ourselves with His divine guidance and intercede on behalf of others in a meaningful way.

When preparing for the ministry of intercession, it is crucial to cultivate a heart that yearns for discernment and wisdom. This can be achieved through seeking God’s presence daily and asking Him to reveal His will to us. By spending time in prayer, we create space for divine insights and understanding.

In the midst of our fast-paced lives, finding stillness and quietude is essential for hearing God’s voice. Taking moments of solitude and reflection, we allow our souls to be receptive to His wisdom. As we surrender our own agenda and listen attentively, God will provide us with the discernment needed to pray effectively for others.

Furthermore, incorporating Scripture into our prayer life can deepen our understanding and enrich our intercession ministry. God’s Word serves as a source of wisdom, offering guidance and enlightenment. By studying and meditating on Scripture, we equip ourselves with the knowledge and discernment to intercede with authority and purpose.

Let us pray:

“Heavenly Father, I come before You humbly, seeking discernment and wisdom. Open my eyes and ears to perceive Your will and understand the needs of those I intercede for. Grant me clarity and insight as I lift up their concerns and desires to You. Fill me with Your wisdom, so that my prayers align with Your perfect plan. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

By seeking discernment and wisdom through prayer, we position ourselves to intercede effectively for others. As we trust in God’s guidance, we can confidently ask Him to reveal the best course of action and intercede with clarity and purpose. Remember, in the ministry of intercession, the Holy Spirit is our greatest source of discernment and wisdom.

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Surrendering to God’s Will

Intercession is a sacred calling that requires aligning our will with God’s will. When we surrender to His guidance through prayer, we open ourselves up to His divine plans and purposes.

By surrendering to God’s will, we acknowledge His sovereignty and trust that He knows what is best for us and for those we intercede for. It is an act of humility and faith, recognizing that our understanding is limited, but His wisdom is infinite.

Through prayer, we can bring our desires, dreams, and plans before the Lord, offering them up with open hands and a willing heart. We lay down our own agendas and surrender to His perfect plan, knowing that His ways are higher than ours.

As we surrender to God’s will in intercession, we invite His presence and power to work through us. We become vessels for His love, mercy, and compassion, allowing Him to guide our prayers and lead us to intercede for the needs of others.

In the midst of surrender, we find strength. When we let go of control and trust in God’s sovereignty, He equips us with the courage and perseverance to engage in intercessory ministry with boldness and conviction.

Prayer is the gateway to surrender. As we lay our hearts before the Lord, seeking His will, He transforms us from the inside out. Our desires align with His, and our prayers become a reflection of His heart for His people.

In the journey of intercession, surrender is an ongoing process. It is not a one-time event but a daily surrendering of our will to God’s. Through consistent prayer and intentional submission, we continually align ourselves with His desires for us and for the ministry of intercession.

Let us embrace the transformative power of surrendering to God’s will through prayer. As we yield ourselves to Him, He will use us mightily to impact lives and bring about His kingdom purposes. Surrender opens the door for divine intervention and miraculous breakthroughs in the lives of those we intercede for.

Nurturing a Compassionate Heart

Intercession is a sacred ministry that requires a compassionate and empathetic heart. As intercessors, we are called to stand in the gap and lift up the needs of others before God. To fulfill this role effectively, we must develop and nurture a compassionate heart through prayer.

Prayer has the power to transform our hearts, shaping us into vessels of love and understanding. It allows us to draw closer to God’s heart, aligning our desires with His. Through prayer, we can receive the divine compassion that enables us to intercede with genuine care and empathy.

Take a moment to reflect on your own heart. Are there areas where compassion needs to grow? Are there people or situations that require your intercession? Prayer provides a safe space to pour out your concerns and invite God to work in and through you.

Begin by seeking God’s guidance in prayer. Ask Him to reveal His heart for those you are interceding for. Allow His Spirit to open your eyes to the pain, struggles, and needs of others. As you pray, imagine stepping into their shoes, feeling their burdens, and extending God’s love and compassion in your intercession.

Prayer for Ministry Preparation

Let your prayers be marked by sincerity and empathy. Pray with understanding for the challenges and difficulties people face. Ask God to release His comfort, healing, and provision into their lives. May your prayers become a source of hope and encouragement to those you intercede for.

Additionally, make it a practice to cultivate empathy in your everyday life. Take time to listen attentively to others, seeking to understand their experiences and emotions. Show kindness and compassion in your interactions, extending grace and support to those in need.

Remember, nurturing a compassionate heart is an ongoing process. It requires a willingness to grow and be transformed by the love of God. As you continue to pray and intercede, may your heart overflow with God’s compassionate spirit, enabling you to make a profound impact through the ministry of intercession.

Equipping Yourself with Spiritual Tools

As you prepare for the ministry of intercession through prayer, it is crucial to equip yourself with spiritual tools that will empower you in your journey. These tools will help you effectively engage in the spiritual battle and fulfill your calling as an intercessor.

Scripture: A Foundation for Your Prayer Life

One of the most powerful spiritual tools you can utilize is Scripture. The Word of God serves as a guide, a source of wisdom, and a foundation for your prayer life. By immersing yourself in God’s Word, you gain insight into His heart, His promises, and His will. Let Scripture be your compass as you intercede for others.

Worship: Connecting with God’s Presence

Another vital spiritual tool is worship. Through heartfelt praise and adoration, you can connect with the presence of God. Worship opens up a channel of communication between you and the Father, enabling you to hear His voice more clearly and intercede with greater effectiveness. Let worship be the key that unlocks the door to divine revelation in your prayer life.

Spiritual Disciplines: Strengthening Your Spirit

In addition to Scripture and worship, engaging in spiritual disciplines can greatly enhance your intercessory ministry. Practices such as fasting, meditation, and silence create space for spiritual growth and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. These disciplines strengthen your spirit, sharpen your discernment, and enable you to pray effectively on behalf of others.

By equipping yourself with these spiritual tools, you position yourself for a deeper and more impactful ministry of intercession. Cultivate a habit of immersing yourself in Scripture, engaging in heartfelt worship, and practicing spiritual disciplines. Allow these tools to become an integral part of your prayer life as you prepare to fulfill your calling as an intercessor.


In conclusion, this article has guided you through an empowering prayer and explored various aspects of preparing for the ministry of intercession. Through the Prayer To Prepare For The Ministry Of Intercession, you have learned how to embrace your calling, develop a strong prayer life, seek discernment, surrender to God’s will, nurture a compassionate heart, and equip yourself with spiritual tools.

By fully embracing your calling, you are opening the doors to a powerful ministry of intercession. As you develop a strong prayer life, you will connect deeply with God and receive His guidance for your intercessory prayers. Seeking discernment will enable you to pray with wisdom and clarity, interceding effectively for the needs of others.

Surrendering to God’s will is essential in the ministry of intercession. As you submit yourself to His plans and purposes, you will see His mighty work unfold through your prayers. Nurturing a compassionate heart will enable you to pray with empathy and love, reaching the hearts of those you intercede for.

Finally, equipping yourself with spiritual tools, such as engaging with Scripture, worship, and spiritual disciplines, will strengthen your intercessory ministry and enable you to stand firm in spiritual warfare. Remember, as you step into the ministry of intercession, the Prayer To Prepare For The Ministry Of Intercession and the knowledge gained from this article will empower you to fulfill your role and make a lasting impact in the lives of those you pray for.


How can prayer help in preparing for the ministry of intercession?

Prayer is not only a means of communication with God but also a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual preparation. It allows us to align ourselves with God’s will and seek His guidance and wisdom. Through prayer, we can deepen our relationship with God, develop a strong spiritual foundation, and cultivate the qualities necessary for effective intercession.

What is the ministry of intercession?

The ministry of intercession is a calling to pray on behalf of others. It involves standing in the gap and interceding for their needs, concerns, and spiritual well-being. By lifting up the burdens of others before God, intercessors play a vital role in bridging the gap between heaven and earth, believing in the power of prayer to bring about transformation, healing, and breakthrough.

How can I embrace my calling to the ministry of intercession?

Embracing your calling to the ministry of intercession starts with surrendering your life to God and acknowledging His plan and purpose for you. Seek His guidance through prayer, study His Word to understand His heart for intercession, and actively participate in intercessory prayer groups or ministries. By nurturing a deep intimacy with God and being open to His leading, you can fully step into your role as an intercessor.

Why is developing a strong prayer life important for intercessory ministry?

A strong prayer life serves as the foundation for effective intercessory ministry. It allows us to connect with God on a personal level, aligning our hearts and minds with His. A consistent and vibrant prayer life cultivates intimacy with God, builds spiritual discernment, increases faith, and helps us intercede from a place of authority and alignment with His will.

How can I seek discernment and wisdom as an intercessor?

Seeking discernment and wisdom is crucial in intercession, as it enables us to pray specifically and insightfully according to God’s leading. By spending time in prayer, worship, and studying God’s Word, we position ourselves to receive His guidance and discernment. It is also essential to seek the counsel of wise and spiritually mature individuals who can provide guidance and accountability in your intercessory journey.

What does it mean to surrender to God’s will in intercessory ministry?

Surrendering to God’s will in intercessory ministry means acknowledging that His plans and purposes are sovereign and that He has the ultimate authority. It involves releasing our own agendas, desires, and understanding, and submitting ourselves completely to His guidance. Surrendering to God’s will allows us to intercede with humility, trust, and confidence that He is working all things together for His glory and the good of those we pray for.

How can I develop a compassionate heart as an intercessor?

Developing a compassionate heart starts with seeking God’s heart for others through prayer. Ask Him to help you see others as He sees them and to cultivate empathy and understanding. Engage in acts of service and learn to actively listen to others, allowing their stories and struggles to touch your heart. By consistently praying for others with love and compassion, your heart will be transformed to reflect the heart of Christ.

What spiritual tools can I utilize in intercessory ministry?

Equipping yourself with spiritual tools is crucial for intercessory ministry. These tools include studying and meditating on Scripture to align your prayers with God’s Word, engaging in worship to connect with the Holy Spirit’s leading, and practicing spiritual disciplines such as fasting and solitude to cultivate intimacy with God. Utilizing these tools empowers you to effectively engage in spiritual warfare and intercede with spiritual authority.