Prayer for Healing

How to Pray for Healing – 20 Prayers for Healing Sick Family and Friends

Prayers for Healing Sick Family and Friends. The Bible tells us to ask for healing from God and we will be provided with health and strength to conquer whatever discomfort we endure. May we turn to God for comfort anytime we are unwell or despondent, knowing that He will heal our mind, body, and spirit. Below are some examples of healing prayers and how we can pray for the purification of bodily, mental, and spiritual diseases.

“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” – 3 John 1:2

What is the Best Way to Pray for Healing?

We can approach our heavenly father and request that he heal us since he desires for us to be entire. He desires for us to be complete, not only in spirit and soul but also in the body. Remember, the Bible’s main goal is to restore the Garden of Eden, to return us to the state we were in when Adam and Eve didn’t have bursitis, spinal problems, or a crick in the neck. As a result, whenever there is an illness, God has an opportunity to show his glory.

Now, where we get tangled is in the question of when God will reveal his magnificence. And to what extent will we be restored? But, in the book I’m talking about, we have to start by understanding that sickness is God’s domain. Even if he didn’t create it, he still has control over it. As a result, I state in the book that you can expect to get healed. Will you be cured right away? I sincerely hope so. Will you be able to recover gradually? This happens quite frequently. But, in the end, we will all be cured, and it isn’t a cop-out to claim that our healing will take place on the other side of death. That is the pinnacle of healing.

However, we may rest assured that healing will occur. If he heals you gradually, it signifies that this particular ailment is being utilized for his glory, for the growth of your character, or perhaps as a sermon. You know, one of the men in our congregation has been dealing with a muscular problem for a long time. But, boy, he’s a shining example. We’ve all encountered folks who have inspired us because of their illness. That may be part of their testimony, but God continues to heal them. Then, in the end, we shall all be healed.

As a result, it’s critical to tell God about our physical pains during prayer. It is. And to allow God to speak to us about it, to console us, and to provide knowledge into that area of our lives.

We’d like to share with you some of our favourite healing prayers. We can turn to God for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for ourselves, a loved one, or a friend.

20 Healing Prayers for Sickness of Body, Mind, and Soul

To petition God for pity, grace, and serenity for those who are unwell, read through this selection of healing prayers. If a specific prayer strikes a chord with you, save it to your favourites or write it down to remember it later.

A Short Healing Prayer for Friends

Lord, your Word promises healing and restoration, and I praise you for the ongoing marvels you do. I’m claiming those promises over my pal today. I believe in the healing power of faith and prayer, and I request that you begin your magnificent work in my friend’s life. Please reach down and surround my friend with supernatural peace and strength, as well as the faith to believe that you can do anything. Protect her from Satan’s deception and discouragement, and allow her to experience amazing recovery. Amen.

A Healing Prayer for Sick Family and Friends

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for loving [name of the individual who needs healing]. I’m sure you despise what their disease has done to them/me. I beg that you heal this disease, that you have compassion, and that you bring healing to all people who are sick.

When we call out to you, the Eternal One, you will give the command, heal us, and save us from imminent death, according to your word in Psalm 107:19-20. I’ve read about miraculous healing in the Bible, and I think you still cure in the same way now. I believe you can heal any ailment because the Bible says you can raise people from the dead, thus I pray for your healing in this scenario.

I also know from my existence on this planet that not everyone is cured. Keep my heart gentle toward you, help me grasp your plan, and let me be thrilled about paradise if that happens here.

God, thank you for owning [name of the person who needs healing and for being in charge of everything that occurs from our first breath to our last sigh. Amen. Wendy van Eyck is a Dutch actress.

A Prayer for Depression Relief

My world appears to have crumbled, sending me into a deep, black abyss. I come to you surrendered. I’m desperate, helpless, and terrified for you. Lord, please help me get out of this quagmire and show me the way. Amen, Mary Southerland, in Jesus’ name.

A Health and Healing Prayer

You are the only source of health and healing, Almighty God. There is peace in you, and it is the only true peace in the universe. Allow each of your children to be aware of your presence and to have complete faith in you. Teach us to surrender ourselves to your never-failing care in all our pain, fatigue, and anxiety, knowing that your love and power surround us, trusting in your wisdom and providence to give us health, strength, and peace when the time is right; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for Grace and Healing

Greetings, God!

Today, we acknowledge our need for you. We are in desperate need of your healing and grace. We require the restoration of hope. We need to be reminded that you labour tirelessly, powerfully, and entirely on behalf of those you care about. Please forgive us for trying to solve our problems on our own. Forgive us for looking for help in all the wrong places and spinning our wheels when true aid and healing can only be found in You. Please forgive us for forgetting how much we need you above all others.

We come to you and tell you about the places where we are in pain. You see things that no one else can see or comprehend. You’re aware of the anguish we’ve endured. The responsibilities. The concerns. You are aware of where we must be set free. We pray for your healing and grace to fill all of the broken places in our lives. Every wound. Every single heartbreak.

Thank you for being able to accomplish far more than we could have imagined. Thank you for acting on behalf of your children with your Mighty Power. We reach out to you, knowing that for your greater glory, you are healing and redeeming every painful situation, every conflict. Thank you for never squandering our anguish and sorrow. We are devoted to you. Today, we require your assistance. Debbie McDaniel says, “In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

A Prayer for Happiness and Love

God, you poured the gift of love into the hearts of your devoted people through the Holy Spirit’s grace.

Give your servants Amen.

A Prayer for Mind, Body, and Soul Renewal

Lord, I come to you now in desperate need of your healing touch. Everything is possible in you. Renew my mind, body, and soul by holding my heart in yours.

I’m lost, but I’m coming to you graciously. You have given us life, and you have also given us the gift of endless delight. Give me the courage to continue on the path you’ve set out for me.

Give me the knowledge to recognize those you’ve placed around me to help me become better, and guide me toward better health. I pray in your name, Amen.

A Healing Prayer for a Friend

Consider, o God, our sick friend, whom we now entrust to Your caring care.

Relieve his sorrow by comforting him on his sickbed. We pray for deliverance and believe that if it is the Lord’s desire, no healing is too difficult for Him. In Your loving name, we pray that You bless our buddy with Your loving care, refresh his strength, and heal whatever ails him.

Lord, thank you.

A Healing Prayer for a Loved One

Thou haste haste haste haste haste haste haste hast All diseases respond to Thy command and leave at Thy command. Thou hast redeemed our lives from certain death and hastened our crowning with loving compassion and sweet mercies. We thank Thee for hearing our petition and commanding deliverances for our buddy and Thy servant, who has been afflicted by Thy hand. He (or she) was dragged low, yet Thou haste haste haste haste haste haste haste haste haste (her).

May he (she) not only live but also proclaim the Lord’s works! May he daily inquire: What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits towards me, and resolve to offer unto Thee thanksgiving sacrifices and to call upon the name of the Lord, as Thou hast spared his eyes from weeping, his feet from falling, and his soul from death. May we never forget that recuperation is only a reprieve and that we will one day return to the Lord’s rest. As a result, may we safeguard the righteous road and live with eternity always in mind.

A Prayer to Heal a Broken Heart

Please, Lord, mend my broken heart. During this difficult time, fill me with the peace and joy that I know can only come from You. Walk alongside me on my path to healing and recovery, which I know is only attainable through Your strength. Amen, in Jesus’ name. Tracie Miles is a writer who lives in the United States.

Prayer for Healing While hospitalized.

All health and healing, kind Father, are gifts from your hand.
We pray for (Name), that their physicians and nurses will have the insight and skill to help them heal.
While they wait and confront many unknowns, quiet their worries and anxieties with your promise that nothing will be able to separate us from your love, which is ours in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:39).

If it is your will, hasten their health, and grant them more patience as they wait for you to work all these things out for their good (Romans 8:28); through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer Against Disease

Lord, Your scripture claims that you cure all diseases and that everyone who believes in You will not perish but will live forever. In this time of illness, Lord, strengthen me. As he lies sick in his bed, sustain him. When you were on Earth, you did everything right and cured everyone.

You cured those who were sick. Lord, you died and rose again for our sins so that we would have eternal life. I believe in my heart that You are with us today and that Your most holy force will rid the world of all diseases and ills. Lord, may everything be done in Your honour.

Amen, we honour and worship Your name.

A Prayer for Pain Relief

Father Almighty, Thank you for your grace, mercy, and love. My discomforts will become comforts, my pains will become gains, my deprivation will become more blessings, my losses will become profits, my tears will become smiles, my sorrows will become pleasures, my illness will become wellness, my debts will become credits, and my dreams will become realities.

“The Lord is near the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit,” the Bible says. “He stitches up the wounds of the brokenhearted,” he says.

With any cynicism regarding the blessings that you will bestow upon me, I believe in you Lord and in you alone to heal me. I trust, Lord, that my mental torment and suffering will disappear, and that optimism will shine upon me as I read, hear, study, and preach the Bible’s truth.

A Prayer for My Lighthouse of Hope

I want to thank You, most gracious and loving Father, for all the blessings You’ve bestowed upon me, my family and friends, and all those I cherish.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to see the beauty of your works once more. You are aware of the current situation of difficulty in which I find me, Lord. Lord, I desire to be of service to You once more. You, Lord, have been my rock and anchor during my hospitalization.

You serve as a beacon of hope for me. I beg you, Lord, to heal me as quickly as possible. Amen, in Jesus’ name.

A Prayer for Mercy and Grace

Have Mercy, Cleanse, Pardon, and Heal, Lord. Have compassion on us, Most Holy Trinity.
Lord, forgive us for our transgressions.
Please forgive our transgressions, Master.
For the sake of your name, Holy One, come and heal our afflictions.


It’s easy to feel pessimistic in times of emotional or physical distress; it’s easy to believe that things will never get better. “With God, all things are possible,” the Bible states. When you face challenges in life — whether they are related to your health, career, relationships, or something else taking the time to sit and say a prayer for healing might be beneficial.

No, it will not be the answer to your problems. Saying a healing prayer, on the other hand, might bring you peace at a time when you need it the most. (For added comfort, try repeating some healing Bible lines.) The prayers don’t have to be offered for you, of course. If you know someone who is going through a difficult time, remembering them and sending healing prayers their way will help them find peace.