Simple Joys of Life We Tend to Forget
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101 Simple Joys of Life We Tend to Forget

Simple Joys of Life We Tend to Forget. We become absorbed by the thrill of achieving our next major goal, of getting everything done, and saving up for the latest technologies when we live in a perpetual state of bustle. When we know that true happiness does not come from things, we seek enjoyment in them. Material possessions are promoted as a sign of success by society. And it is this monetary achievement that you require to be happy.

The truth is that we’re far more basic as people. We don’t always need a lot to be happy; sometimes all we need to do is lose ourselves in the smallest pleasures to feel our attitude reset and shift to a more serene inner state. If the previous year has taught us anything, it’s that even when the world around us stops spinning, we still have to find joy in the most unexpected and frequently overlooked places.

What are Simple Joys in Life?

Small gestures, scents, sounds, and the feel of the sun on your skin are all simple pleasures. They’re the small joys that we often overlook when we’re rushing from one place to another. Simple pleasures stimulate our senses, help us feel present, and awaken our inner child. The satisfaction derived from simple pleasure is profound and fills you with joy.

Simple pleasures are free yet far more valuable than anything money can purchase. The thrill we feel when we encounter simple yet lovely objects is imprinted on our minds. The more of these experiences you can accumulate, the greater the impact they’ll have on your overall sense of happiness and fulfilment in life. That is what true wealth should include. Simple pleasures are constantly there and accessible. It is up to you whether you notice them or participate in them.

Why We Should Embrace Simple Joys of life?

We’ve been programmed to believe that having a great house, a nice automobile, and an expensive watch will bring us happiness. This is an all-too-common metric for determining one’s level of success in life. Material objects, on the other hand, can be misplaced, broken, or taken away, and eventually discarded. The euphoria they provide is fleeting, and if this is how you choose to find happiness, you’ll always need more glittering things.

Developing a daily habit of embracing modest pleasures might alter your thinking and perspective on happiness. You can discover that what you thought were sources of happiness were merely creating transient delight. It’s similar to the artificial energy you get from sweets; after it’s gone, you’re left feeling exhausted. Simple pleasures nurture and fuel your being in ways that provide the groundwork for long-term satisfaction.

Taking pleasure in the basic pleasures of life might enable you to feel more grounded. It puts you into the present now, pushing you to pay attention to your surroundings and honouring the time you’ve set aside to appreciate life’s basic pleasures. Prioritizing basic pleasures will help you live a more calm life, reminding you that enjoyment comes from the inside rather than from external sources.

How to Find Simple Joys in Life

The more I live, the more I realize that it is the small joys in life that give it purpose. Yes, it’s nice to take a vacation in an exotic area or spend a night at a game in the greatest seats in the house. But, let’s face it, those events don’t happen very often for most of us. When they do, the impact on our enjoyment is powerful but transient.

Furthermore, wishing for things that you believe will make you happy such as a new dress, a new house, or even a whole new life! – focuses your attention on what you don’t have. Focusing on what you don’t have and what you think you need can make you unhappy. Focusing on basic pleasures allows you to live in the now, appreciate what you have, and enjoy the things that are freely and easily available to practically all of us.

Below is My list of basic things that can bring us so much joy in life. This list consists of 95 items listed in three different categories. They concentrate on the simple pleasures of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. They force us to focus on the present moment while harnessing the energy of simpler eras.

How many of these simple joys in life are on your current list? Which ones do you think you’d like to try? The truth is that if we’re looking for pleasure, we’d be better off focused on simple pleasures. I adore the term “joy.” It has always had more richness and depth to me than bliss. Joy is a state of being that impacts how you see, understand, and experience the world. It has the power to alter a winter day, a difficult time at work, or any of the minor tragedies that bring us anguish daily. And it’s when you add the word “simple” that the magic happens.

Simple Joys For The Mind 

  1. Reading a good book
  2. Learning a new lesson
  3. Loving yourself completely
  4. Accepting that you made a mistake
  5. An Act of forgiveness
  6. Spending time with someone who makes you happy
  7. Accepting your imperfections
  8. Social media breaks
  9. Letting go of comparison
  10. Clearing mental clutter

75 Simple Pleasures in Life

  1. Waking up in time to see the sunrise
  2. Making love
  3. Getting squeaky clean, especially after doing a messy chore
  4. Enjoying a hot drink while looking out the window
  5. Petting your dog
  6. Swimming naked in the dark
  7. Listening to the rain on the roof (preferably when you’re lying in the arms of someone you love)
  8. Staring at the flames of an open fire
  9. Swinging on a swing like you did as a child
  10. Breathing in the sweet scent of your child’s skin
  11. Tasting the first sip of coffee in the morning
  12. Eating fresh, ripe, sun-warmed fruit
  13. Having a warm bath
  14. Building a bonfire
  15. Picking flowers
  16. Holding on to a hug until the other person lets go
  17. Putting on clothes straight from the dryer when they are soft and warm
  18. Making a five-year goal list
  19. Listening to your favourite song from when you were a teenager
  20. Eating breakfast in bed
  21. Having a hot shower after a run in the rain
  22. Searching for shells on the beach and taking one home as a reminder
  23. Playing cards all night
  24. Smelling sun-dried sheets
  25. Dancing through the house
  26. Walking the dog
  27. Showering with your husband
  28. Receiving a foot massage
  29. Smelling your favourite perfume
  30. Soaking your feet
  31. Telling your husband you love him
  32. Getting your face licked by your dog
  33. Running in the morning before dawn
  34. Walking barefoot on the sand
  35. Smelling the roses (literally)
  36. Kissing till you feel weak
  37. Staying in bed all-day
  38. Watching the sunset
  39. Listening to a cat purr, and feeling its vibrations on your skin
  40. Sharing your best memories with your loved ones
  41. Sleeping in fresh, clean sheets
  42. Wrapping yourself in a soft blanket
  43. Smelling a vanilla-scented candle
  44. Singing in the car even when you don’t know all the words
  45. Making a fort from blankets
  46. Holding hands with a loved one
  47. Calling your parents just to hear how their day was
  48. Practicing meditation
  49. Decluttering a drawer
  50. Eating lunch outside
  51. Gardening on a warm day with a gentle breeze
  52. Have your hair washed (especially when a scalp massage gets added into the mix!)
  53. Enjoying the smell from the slow cooker when you walk into the house after a hard day at work
  54. Walking through fallen leaves, feeling them crunch beneath your feet
  55. Seeing the first blossom on the trees after a long, cold winter
  56. Feeling the breeze in your hair
  57. Making popcorn in a pot and then tipping warm melted butter over it
  58. Listening to the soft sounds of your child’s or husband’s breathing as they sleep
  59. Running on a beautiful fall day with the chill in the air calming the heat from your skin
  60. Reading a book
  61. Watching a new episode of your favourite show
  62. Seeing your dog after a long day at work
  63. Playing in the sprinkler like when you were a child
  64. Eating your favourite meal and savouring each bite
  65. Pulling together the couches and making a bed
  66. Singing in the shower no matter how tuneless
  67. Going on a road trip with your favourite people
  68. Having warm, dry towels
  69. Feeling the rain on your bare skin
  70. Listening to the waves crash on the shore
  71. Laughing until you almost cry
  72. Making a bucket list
  73. Having a pet or child sleep on your lap
  74. Preparing a complex yet delicious meal and then eating it with loved ones
  75. Make your list of simple joys!

Simple Joys For The Body

  1. Sleeping in on your day off
  2. Moving your body
  3. Going for a long run or walk
  4. Eating a balanced diet
  5. Dancing to your favourite song
  6. Taking a nap after a long day
  7. Taking a moment to stretch your body
  8. Treating your body with kindness
  9. Taking the time to prepare your favourite meals
  10. Taking a long bubble bath

Simple Joys For The Soul

  1. Embracing the quiet moments
  2. Listening to an inspiring story
  3. Practicing meditation
  4. Practicing Yoga
  5. Music that lifts you up
  6. Letting go of control
  7. Living in the present
  8. Finding inner peace
  9. Practicing daily gratitude
  10. Treating yourself with kindness


To experience the deep and genuine satisfaction we want, we must let go of the notion that happiness is derived from worldly goods. Honest pleasure comes from being true to oneself and being able to find delight in the most insignificant things. Accepting life’s modest pleasures is an act of self-love. By doing so, you are deciding to prioritize your total well-being in order to achieve long-term enjoyment. Being joyful is a practice; you must seek joy in everything you do and look for the silver lining even when life appears to be bleak.