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12 Things Women Think Guys Like (But Are Actually Huge Turn-Offs)

12 Things Women Think Guys Like (But Are Actually Huge Turn-Offs). How frequently men and women tend to make assumptions about the other sex is one of the things that never ceases to astound me. We’ve all done it, especially when it comes to likes and dislikes, at some point or another.

Sometimes, our misconceptions about what the other sex wants might result in entertaining dates that are reminiscent of TV sitcoms and that we can laugh about in the future. Sometimes they can force you to be single involuntarily for a very long period.

Ever questioned what you’re doing incorrectly in terms of luring men? I know I do, which is why I frequently ask my male friends the most important questions regarding what men desire and think.

My male companions talked a lot, as they had in many of my prior conversations. The traits and actions that women believe men value but that men claim to detest are listed below. Ladies, pay attention because guys do not find these things to be at all seductive.

1. Vocal fry

A few years ago, that odd creakiness at the end of phrases was thought to be really seductive, but guys actually detest it. Most girls sound awkward when saying it, which gives guys the impression that they are speaking to an unreliable person.

2. Having a model-like physique

Yes, boys adore this, but they don’t frequently desire to get married to girls who are extremely attractive. They frequently think that they are setting themselves up to be duped or, worse, to be rejected.

The result is that they might feel fine with a brief relationship with a female who is far more attractive than they are. As difficult as it may be to accept, science and statistics have really supported this. What the ‘ideal’ woman looks like globally is related.

3. Ignorance

Why do girls believe that guys want them to act foolishly is beyond me. Most men think stupid girls are quite bad, especially for long-term partnerships. You shouldn’t try to flaunt idiocy if you want to start a relationship.

4. exhibiting childish tantrums

Women who said that literally stamping your feet and pouting will make men melt have been observed by me. No, this is not actually effective. At all. The girls I’ve observed who have this belief are still unmarried. (I know, shocking.)

5. Excessively full lips

Girls are having obscenely massive amounts of lip injections to give them a “Kylie Jenner pout” as part of this strange craze. This one tops the list of things women believe men adore but actually detest. Men don’t find this to be as alluring as girls do. It frequently looks artificial and gives women permanent duckface.

6. Being trashy on purpose

Many ladies believe that appearing sleazy and trashy will attract men’s attention. If you’re looking for hookups, then this is true. This is so that you appear to be much more open to having sex. However, the majority of men will say that while looking for a bride, trashy attire and conduct are a huge turn-off.

7. The “Damsel in Need” fallacy

Although that may have worked for the Disney princesses, most men can’t stand to see a girl who isn’t capable of taking care of herself. It is draining to be responsible for another adult, and you rapidly start to lose respect for them. Don’t do that since the only men who do this are not capable of having a healthy relationship.

8. using doormats

Do you often find yourself making bad decisions in the hopes that a man will like you? Do you allow situations to continue that you know make you uncomfortable? It’s not appealing and is referred to as door matting. In reality, it repels everyone since we all desire a spouse who has a spine of our own.

9. Having a quirky-not-quirk

Many girls believe that guys like “quirky” girls who still have that Zooey Deschanel vibe because of the film industry. This is true to some extent. The men it draws are typically not good bachelors in the least, and they often regard you as their own Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Men with good social skills dislike girls who can’t be themselves, and this kind of act rapidly comes off as phoney. Even if you’re as typical as they come, it’s much better to just be yourself.

10. Behaving diva-like

Many dating manuals portray diva behaviour as the most effective method of seducing a man. The opposite is true, as you can see. Although you should be forceful, no man will find you appealing if you are too demanding or unrealistic.

11. Using a childish voice

Although you might assume that guys find it cute, they don’t. At all. Most of them simply find it to be really unpleasant. (Sorry.)

12. Making a false identity claim

Many girls will take this action in order to date the person they want to date. But if they start to suspect that you’re not who you say you are, guys are quite turned off and feel tricked. If you don’t want future heartbreak and bitterness, avoid doing this!

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